CO2 laser FRAXIS

premium high performance laser approved by the FDA

Our clinic works with FRAXIS CO2 laser of the newest generation. This state-of-the-art device serves to smooth out and stretch the skin as well as to remove various skin growths.


The newest item is a special attachment used for gynecological applications. Gynolaser is used to treat vaginal atrophy caused by age, childbirth, menopause, and hysterectomy. The greatest benefit of this laser treatment is the speed and that the procedures are done pain-free and without the need for recovery.

Use in dermatology and plastic surgery

Fractional resurfacing (face, neck, hands)

Wrinkle reduction

Pigment removal

Coalescence of the skin tone and improvement of the skin texture

Skin lifting

Scar and stretch mark (striae) correction

Treatment of acne scars

Minimizing of expanded pores

Laser removal of skin growths, viral and senile warts, intradermal moles, milia, hemangiomas, fatty deposits – xanthelasma, and other surgical or vaporization procedures.


latest innovation in esthetic gynecology


Lower sensitivity during sexual intercourse

Vaginal dryness connected with irritability


The biggest news in the field of esthetic gynecology is the use of CO2 laser in vaginal treatment. The result is narrowing and tightening of the area and also the solution to stress incontinence and lowering of the uterus after giving birth.

Unlike previous surgical options, operation with this laser is fast, simple, and it requires almost no time for recovery.