A description of individual tasks

Pre-anaesthetic examinations needed before an operation

We provide pre-anaesthetic examinations needed before an operation planned at our clinic, as well as for patients who are scheduled for an operation in another health care facility. Anaesthesiologic procedures provided by the SOFYC clinic are maximally comfortable and safe for patients. They are performed by qualified experts specialised in the area. In our clinic, we specialise in providing anaesthesia in one-day regimen, i.e. for all the procedures we use medicaments which have a short-term effect and minimum of known unpleasant side effects. The course of anaesthesia, as well as post-anaesthesia period is very sparing, patients recover very quickly and are able to turn back to ordinary life again. You will be looked after by a team of erudite doctors and nurses. The chief doctor of the anaesthesiological surgery and professional guarantor is MUDr. Martin Kubáni and the head nurse is Silvia Hrebeňárová.

Provision of general anaesthesia (narcosis) or regional (partial – spinal)